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Levy, Feudal

The practice of a large, standing, permanent army being somewhat uncommon, when the need for soldiers arose, the king or lord would raise the feudal levy, comprised of townsmen and villagers. They were sometimes not the best equipped, and could only be raised in between the important farming events, such as harvest, and also could not be held for more then several months.

Tags: MilitaryTroops
French, Insular

The dialect of French spoken in post-Conquest Britain, when it began to lose its relation to continental French.

Tags: Art and LiteratureWriting
Innsi Gall

Island of the Foreigners', a name given by Irish writers to the islands on the west coast of Scotland.

Tags: Art and LiteratureWriting

In the beginning a document that had its edges indented so as to be recognizable, when a legal agreement between two people was signed. Then later, a period of service of seven years.

Tags: LawsLaw Practice

The court that would try offences committed by the kings servants, and it would also oversee the movement of the kings court around the country.

Tags: LawsLaw Practice

Structure added on to a building that often had a sloping roof.

Tags: GeographyBuildings
Palm Donkey

Symbolizing the donkey Christ rode into Jerusalem, this was a donkey made of wood and was possibly dragged along in a procession on Palm Sunday.

Tags: ReligionTheology and Practice

(1) Third order lay member in a monastery (2) Child 'donated' to a monastery by his parents (3) Lay brother in a monastery.

Tags: ReligionTheology and Practice
Church, Stave

Inspired by Viking houses in Scandinavia, stave churches were churches built from wooden planks set upright into the ground.

Tags: ReligionChurchesScandinaviaContinental Europe
Battle, Mace

Ceremonial weapon, first made of wood, then later of metal, used as a symbol of leadership but also as an offensive weapon.

Tags: MilitaryWeapons